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Your team works diligently to promote corporate branding from a hiring perspective. How is your company’s employment image portrayed in the marketplace? Like it or not the recruiting firms you engage either reinforce or oppose these branding efforts.

All search services listed below are conducted with the utmost in professionalism and confidentiality. We help our clients maintain their brand or image in the marketplace as a desirable place of employment by professionally conducting search and candidate contact.

Over the years we have developed a network of first tier upper management & executive level candidates. Our process relies heavily on professional contact with potential recruits who are not actively seeking new employment.

We do not believe however that the best candidates for your position are necessarily found in a resume warehouse or database. We recruit well beyond title, duties & responsibilities. We feel that in order to effect a proper match the following areas should be addressed:

  • Culture
  • Role on the team
  • Today’s responsibilities and tomorrow’s leadership role

Norstrem Associates Search Formats:

Contingency Search – Fee is due upon client hiring a Norstrem Associates candidate. Fee is 30% of candidate’s first year compensation

Retainer Search – This search is for higher levels and long distance search. An upfront retainer is billed (approximately 1/3 of the total fee) at the beginning of the process. The remaining amount is due upon the candidate’s acceptance of an offer by the company.

Monthly Retainer (Pipelining) – This process is used primarily by companies in a growth mode. Norstrem Associates consults with the client management team to discuss upcoming areas of need. A monthly retainer is billed while we conduct research within the industry and disciplines identified as upcoming areas of attention. Client pays a flat (usually reduced) success fee for each candidate hired.

Cosourced Recruitment Procedures – This flexible recruitment approach allows clients to “unbundle” the recruitment process and partner with us by delegating steps in the recruitment process between the client and Norstrem Associates. This method can be very cost effective and is popular with investor groups and organizations with large boards who wish to be actively involved in the recruitment for a key executive. Please contact us for further detail.

Please contact us directly to discuss which format may be most efficient and/or cost effective for your organization.