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Positions Recruited

We recruit executives with experience in growth environments and/or operational improvements. Our candidates are appropriately screened for risk tolerance relative to our clients’ stage in development, funding or realignment. Functional areas for which we recruit include:

Operational – professionals with industry experience and the organizational track record to help our clients grow or institute change without reinventing the wheel.

Finance/Accounting – professionals with expertise in the financial area who understand the need for accuracy, vision, insight, effectiveness and scalability in building a financial function.

Human Resources – can be a key element to a growth company. Business partner offering in corporate culture, succession planning, market trends in company benefits and in depth knowledge of current laws.

Sales, Marketing and Business Development – depending upon our clients stage in product development, a revenue generating position such as this is often one of the most key hires they can make. Candidates with industry, product knowledge, organizational leadership and a rolodex enabling him/her to be productive on day one.